Are you a passionate business student that wants to meet with other business students, successful business leader, want to develop your leadership skills and have an impact in the world? Do you want an internship? If so, the Jewish Business Network (JBN) is for you. The JBN is seeking individuals who are committed to participating in events, willing to educate themselves on Jewish principles, and are dedicated to using their leadership skills to make a positive impact in their communities.

When you become a member of JBN you can expect to receive the following benefits:

1. Potential opportunity for a summer internship with a well known firm!

2. An increased knowledge of Judaism and a different perspective on business

3. Opportunity to network with current and future business leaders

4. Develop essential leadership skills

5. Go on heavily subsidized international trips

JBN Shall:

1. Provide Jewish learning and experiential programs that will educate and inform students on Judaism’s perspective on various topics including: ethics, free will, happiness, success, meaning and many others.

2. Provide opportunities and events where business students to network with one another.

3. Provide seminars by prominent Jewish figures in the business community.

4. Develop strong leaders by providing leadership opportunities.

5. Provide the opportunity for members to attain a summer internship, subject to meeting certain requirements.

6. Organize trips focused for business students to various places such as New York and Israel


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